Command: ResetNetwork

ResetNetwork -> -

ResetNetwork resets the dynamic state of the entire network to its state
at T=0. The dynamic state comprises typically the membrane potential
synaptic currents buffers holding input that has been delivered but not
yet become effective and all events pending delivery. Technically this
is achieve by calling init_state() on all nodes and forcing a call to
init_buffers() upon the next call to Simulate. Node parameters such as
time constants and threshold potentials are not affected.


- Time and random number generators are NOT reset.
- Files belonging to recording devices (spike detector multimeter
voltmeter etc) are closed. You must change the file name before
simulating again otherwise the files will be overwritten and you
will receive an error depending on the value of /overwrite_files
(in the root node).
- ResetNetwork will reset the nodes to the state values stored in the model
prototypes. So if you have used SetDefaults to change a state value of a
model since you called Simulate the first time the network will NOT be reset
to the status at T=0.
- The dynamic state of synapses with internal dynamics (STDP facilitation) is
NOT reset at present. This will be implemented in a future version of NEST.