Command: StimulatingDevice


Stimulating devices inject signals into a network either as analog signals
such a currents or as spike trains. Most stimulating devices are implemented
so that they are replicated on each virtual process. Many but not all devices
generating noise or stochastic spike trains provide different signals to each
of their recipients; see the documentation of the individual device.

Stimulating devices share the start stop and origin parameters global to
devices. Start and stop have the following meaning for stimulating devices
(origin is just a global offset):
- For spike-emitting devices only spikes with times t that fulfill
start < t <= stop
are emitted. Note that spikes that have time t==start are NOT emitted.
- For current-emitting devices the current is activated and deactivated such
that the current first affects the target dynamics during the update step
(start start+h] i.e. an effect can be recorded at the earliest at time
start+h. The last interval during which the current affects the target's
dynamics is (stop-h stop].


/start - Actication time relative to origin.
/stop - Inactivation time relative to origin.
/origin - Reference time for start and stop.