Command: aeif_cond_alpha_RK5

Brette R and Gerstner W (2005) Adaptive Exponential Integrate-and-Fire Model as
an Effective Description of Neuronal Activity. J Neurophysiol 94:3637-3642


aeif_cond_alpha_RK5 is the adaptive exponential integrate and fire neuron according to Brette and
Gerstner (2005).
Synaptic conductances are modelled as alpha-functions.

This implementation uses a 5th order Runge-Kutta solver with adaptive stepsize to integrate
the differential equation (see Numerical Recipes 3rd Edition Press et al. 2007 Ch. 17.2).

The membrane potential is given by the following differential equation:
C dV/dt= -g_L(V-E_L)+g_L*Delta_T*exp((V-V_T)/Delta_T)-g_e(t)(V-E_e) -g_i(t)(V-E_i)-w +I_e


tau_w * dw/dt= a(V-E_L) -w


C_m double - Capacity of the membrane in pF
t_ref double - Duration of refractory period in ms.
V_reset double - Reset value for V_m after a spike. In mV.
E_L double - Leak reversal potential in mV.
g_L double - Leak conductance in nS.
I_e double - Constant external input current in pA.

Spike adaptation parameters:
a double - Subthreshold adaptation in nS.
b double - Spike-triggered adaptation in pA.
Delta_T double - Slope factor in mV
tau_w double - Adaptation time constant in ms
V_th double - Spike initiation threshold in mV
V_peak double - Spike detection threshold in mV.

Synaptic parameters:
E_ex double - Excitatory reversal potential in mV.
tau_syn_ex double - Rise time of excitatory synaptic conductance in ms (alpha function).
E_in double - Inhibitory reversal potential in mV.
tau_syn_in double - Rise time of the inhibitory synaptic conductance in ms (alpha function).

Numerical integration parameters:
HMIN double - Minimal stepsize for numerical integration in ms (default 0.001ms).
MAXERR double - Error estimate tolerance for adaptive stepsize control (steps accepted if
err<=MAXERR). In mV.
Note that the error refers to the difference between the 4th and 5th order RK
Default 1e-10 mV.

Authors: Stefan Bucher Marc-Oliver Gewaltig.


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