Command: arraylib::GaussPatch


nrows ncols GaussPatch -> [[] .. []]

Options which determine the argument range of the Gauss patch.

x_min doubletype - smallest x coordinate value [-3.0]
x_max doubletype - largest x coordinate value. [ 3.0]
y_min doubletype - smallest y coordinate value. [-3.0]
y_max doubletype - largest y coordinate value. [ 3.0]

Options which determine the Gaussian function:

orientation doubletype - Rotation of the Gaussian in RAD [ 0.0]
sigma doubletype - Width of the Gaussian. [ 1.0]
gamma doubletype - Spatial aspect ratio. [ 1.0]

Normalization options:

Normalize booltype - Normalize the Gaussian to [false]
integral 1.0 (before sampling
to output array)
NormalizeSum booltype - After sampling the Gaussian [false]
normalize the output array
to have total sum of 1.0


nrows: number of rows of the result matrix.
ncols: number of columns of the result matrix.

Marc-Oliver Gewaltig


This function returns a matrix of nrows by ncols with the amplitudes
of a two dimensional Gauss function computed over the range of
[x_min x_max] by [y_min y_max].
These and other parameters can be set by changing the function's options.

If the aspect ratio gamma < 1 an orientation of 0 RAD results in
a vertically oriented eliptic Gauss .
Angles are measured counter clockwise from the positive x-axis.

Note that GaussPatch automatically performs a coordinate transformation
from the mathematical x-y plane to the matrix row-column system.