Command: iaf_cond_alpha


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iaf_cond_alpha is an implementation of a spiking neuron using IAF dynamics with
conductance-based synapses. Incoming spike events induce a post-synaptic change
of conductance modelled by an alpha function. The alpha function
is normalised such that an event of weight 1.0 results in a peak current of 1 nS
at t = tau_syn.


The following parameters can be set in the status dictionary.

V_m double - Membrane potential in mV
E_L double - Leak reversal potential in mV.
C_m double - Capacity of the membrane in pF
t_ref double - Duration of refractory period in ms.
V_th double - Spike threshold in mV.
V_reset double - Reset potential of the membrane in mV.
E_ex double - Excitatory reversal potential in mV.
E_in double - Inhibitory reversal potential in mV.
g_L double - Leak conductance in nS;
tau_syn_ex double - Rise time of the excitatory synaptic alpha function in ms.
tau_syn_in double - Rise time of the inhibitory synaptic alpha function in ms.
I_e double - Constant input current in pA.

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