Command: stdp_dopamine_synapse


stdp_dopamine_synapse is a connection to create synapses with
dopamine-modulated spike-timing dependent plasticity (used as a
benchmark model in [1] based on [2]). The dopaminergic signal is a
low-pass filtered version of the spike rate of a user-specific pool
of neurons. The spikes emitted by the pool of dopamine neurons are
delivered to the synapse via the assigned volume transmitter. The
dopaminergic dynamics is calculated in the synapse itself.


Common properties:
vt long - ID of volume_transmitter collecting the spikes from the pool of
dopamine releasing neurons and transmitting the spikes
to the synapse. A value of -1 indicates that no volume
transmitter has been assigned.
A_plus double - Amplitude of weight change for facilitation
A_minus double - Amplitude of weight change for depression
tau_plus double - STDP time constant for facilitation in ms
tau_c double - Time constant of eligibility trace in ms
tau_n double - Time constant of dopaminergic trace in ms
b double - Dopaminergic baseline concentration
Wmin double - Minimal synaptic weight
Wmax double - Maximal synaptic weight

Individual properties:
c double - eligibility trace
n double - neuromodulator concentration

Susanne Kunkel


[1] Potjans W Morrison A and Diesmann M (2010). Enabling
functional neural circuit simulations with distributed
computing of neuromodulated plasticity.
Front. Comput. Neurosci. 4:141. doi:10.3389/fncom.2010.00141
[2] Izhikevich E.M. (2007). Solving the distal reward problem
through linkage of STDP and dopamine signaling. Cereb. Cortex
17(10) 2443-2452.


/volume_transmitter Create /vol Set
/iaf_neuron Create /pre_neuron Set
/iaf_neuron Create /post_neuron Set
/iaf_neuron Create /neuromod_neuron Set
/stdp_dopamine_synapse << /vt vol >> SetDefaults
neuromod_neuron vol Connect
pre_neuron post_neuron /stdp_dopamine_synapse Connect


- based on an earlier version by Wiebke Potjans
- major changes to code after code revision in Apr 2013