Command: stdp_synapse_hom


stdp_synapse_hom is a connector to create synapses with spike time
dependent plasticity (as defined in [1]). Here the weight dependence
exponent can be set separately for potentiation and depression.

Parameters controlling plasticity are identical for all synapses of the model
reducing the memory required per synapse considerably.


tau_plus double - Time constant of STDP window potentiation in ms
(tau_minus defined in post-synaptic neuron)
lambda double - Step size
alpha double - Asymmetry parameter (scales depressing increments as alpha*lambda)
mu_plus double - Weight dependence exponent potentiation
mu_minus double - Weight dependence exponent depression
Wmax double - Maximum allowed weight

Moritz Helias Abigail Morrison


[1] Guetig et al. (2003) Learning Input Correlations through Nonlinear
Temporally Asymmetric Hebbian Plasticity. Journal of Neuroscience

[2] Rubin J. Lee D. and Sompolinsky H. (2001). Equilibrium
properties of temporally asymmetric Hebbian plasticity PRL
86 364-367

[3] Song S. Miller K. D. and Abbott L. F. (2000). Competitive
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[4] van Rossum M. C. W. Bi G-Q and Turrigiano G. G. (2000).
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plasticity Journal of Neuroscience 20:23 8812--8821


multiplicative STDP [2] mu_plus = mu_minus = 1.0
additive STDP [3] mu_plus = mu_minus = 0.0
Guetig STDP [1] mu_plus = mu_minus = [0.0 1.0]
van Rossum STDP [4] mu_plus = 0.0 mu_minus = 1.0


The parameters are common to all synapses of the model and must be set using
SetDefaults on the synapse model.