Command: testsuite::test_hh_phaseplane

(test_hh_phaseplane) run -> 'phaseplane.txt' & 'AP.txt'


test_hh_phaseplane makes a numerical phase-plane analysis of the Hodgkin-Huxley neuron
(iaf_psc_alpha). Dynamics is investigated in the V-n space (see remark below). A constant
DC can be specified and its influence on the nullclines can be studied.
Results are written into two files. 'phaseplane.txt' contains the phase-plane data as a
vector field and 'AP.txt' the trace of a single action potential as one possible
numerical solution in the vector field. The data files are used in the matlab-script hh_phaseplane.m

To make the two-dimensional analysis possible the (four-dimensional)
Hodgkin-Huxley formalism needs to be artificially reduced to two dimensions
in this case by 'clamping' the two other variables m an h to
constant values (m_eq and h_eq).