Command: unittest::distributed_process_invariant_collect_assert_or_die

array proc distributed_process_invariant_collect_assert_or_die -> -


The array specifies a list of numbers of
jobs. distributed_process_invariant_collect_assert_or_die executes the
procedure specified as the second argument in parallel for all of the
numbers of jobs given in the arrays. This means that
distributed_process_invariant_collect_assert_or_die carries out as many
distributed simulations as there are entries in the array.

In each of the simulations all jobs are expected to return a value on
the stack. The order in which the jobs are completed is of no
importance. After completion of all simulations
distributed_process_invariant_ collect_assert_or_die requires that the
contents of all sets of results pooled across ranks is
identical. The order of the results in each set is irrelevant.

See distributed_collect_assert_or_die for further documentation and
implementation details and distributed_rank_invariant_collect_assert_or_die for
a version requiring identical output from each rank.