Command: volume_transmitter


The volume transmitter is used in combination with neuromodulated
synaptic plasticty plasticity that depends not only on the activity
of the pre- and the postsynaptic neuron but also on a non-local
neuromodulatory third signal. It collects the spikes from all neurons
connected to the volume transmitter and delivers the spikes to a
user-specific subset of synapses. It is assumed that the
neuromodulatory signal is a function of the spike times of all spikes
emitted by the population of neurons connected to the volume
transmitter. The neuromodulatory dynamics is calculated in the
synapses itself. The volume transmitter interacts in a hybrid
structure with the neuromodulated synapses. In addition to the
delivery of the neuromodulatory spikes triggered by every pre-synaptic
spike the neuromodulatory spike history is delivered in discrete time
intervals of a manifold of the minimal synaptic delay. In order to
insure the link between the neuromodulatory synapses and the volume
transmitter the volume transmitter is passed as a parameter when a
neuromodulatory synapse is defined. The implementation is based on the
framework presented in [1].


deliver_interval - time interval given in d_min time steps in which
the volume signal is delivered from the volume
transmitter to the assigned synapses

Wiebke Potjans Abigail Morrison


[1] Potjans W Morrison A and Diesmann M (2010). Enabling functional
neural circuit simulations with distributed computing of
neuromodulated plasticity.
Front. Comput. Neurosci. 4:141. doi:10.3389/fncom.2010.00141


/volume_transmitter Create /vol Set
/iaf_neuron Create /pre_neuron Set
/iaf_neuron Create /post_neuron Set
/iaf_neuron Create /neuromod_neuron Set
/stdp_dopamine_synapse << /vt vol >> SetDefaults
neuromod_neuron vol Connect
pre_neuron post_neuron /stdp_dopamine_synapse Connect

major changes to update function after code revision in Apr 2013 (SK)