Connect - Establish a connection between two nodes or lists of nodes.
source target Connect
source target syn_model Connect
source target weight delay Connect
source target weight delay syn_model Connect
source target params Connect
source target params syn_model Connect

sources targets Connect
sources targets conn_rule Connect
sources targets conn_spec Connect
sources targets conn_rule syn_model Connect
sources targets conn_spec syn_model Connect
sources targets conn_rule syn_spec Connect
sources targets conn_spec syn_spec Connect

Connects sources to targets according to the given connectivity
specification conn_spec. Some connection rules impose requirements.
E.g. /one_to_one requires that sources and targets have the same
number of elements. Others may have additional parameters,
e.g. connection probability /p for /pairwise_binomial.

The variants with two global ids as arguments implicitly connect
the two neurons using the all_to_all rule. If given, weight, delay,
syn_model, and params are used for the connection.

The variants with only literal arguments /conn_rule or /syn_model
are shorthand for the corresponding calls with a connectivity or
synapse specification dictionaries as explained in the Options
section. The literals are expanded to << /rule /conn_rule >> and
<< /model /syn_model >>, respectively.

Parameters for connectivity rules must have fixed values.

Parameters for synapses may be fixed single values and random deviate

source integer - the GID of the source
target integer - the GID of the target
weight double - the weight of the connection
delay double - the delay of the connection
params dict - dictionary with synapse parameters

sources array/intvector/gidcollection - the GIDs of the sources
targets array/intvector/gidcollection - the GIDs of the targets
syn_model literal - the name of the synapse model, see synapsedict
syn_spec dict - dictionary with synapse model specification (see Options)
conn_rule literal - the name of the connection rule, see connruledict
conn_spec dict - dictionary with connectivity specification (see Options)

/conn_spec - dictionary with connectivity specification, must at least contain /rule

The following options may be given for all connection rules;
not all rules support all options and many rules add rule-specific options.

autapses bool - allow self-connections (default: true)
multapses bool - allow multiple connections between pairs
of neurons (default: true)
symmetric bool - also create connection in opposite direction to
obtain symmetric connections (default: false)

/syn_spec - dictionary with synapse specification, must at least contain /model

Hannah Bos, Hans Ekkehard Plesser, Jochen Martin Eppler  

January 2014 
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