Set - Define an association between a name and an object in the current  
obj literal Set -> -
[... [obj_1 ...] ... obj_n] [... [literal_1 ...] ... literal_n] Set -> -
{1 2 add} /myproc Set
[4 3] [/x /y] Set
[[4 3 7] [-9 1]] [[/a /b /c] [/x /y]] Set
[[4 9] 3] [/x /y] Set
[[4 9] 3] [[/a /b] /y] Set

In the first form Set is identical to def, except for the reversed parameters
and creates or modifies an entry for the literal in the current dictionary. The
new value assigned to the literal is obj.
In the second form multiple simultaneous assignments are made to the literals
contained in the second. The nesting of this array is arbitrary, indicated in
the synopsis by the inner brackets, and the same object are taken from the
identical positions in first array.

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