cva_d - Convert dictionary to array
dict cva_d -> array  

<< /a 1 /b 2>> cva_d -> [/a 1 /b 2]

cda converts a given dictionary to an array.  
The contents of the dictionay is mapped to the array in a
form which is similar to the construction of an array, namely
<< key1 val1 ... keyn valn>> cva_d -> [key1 val1 ... keyn valn]

dict is a dictionary which may be empty

no errors are issued.

The name follows the convention of PostScript and stands for
ConVert to Array.


Class TokenMap provides an iterator which allows to step through the
elements stored in the TokenMap. Member function begin() returns an
iterator which points to the "first" element in the TokenMap and end()
to the "last" element. operator ++ moves the iterator from one element
to the next. Note, the iteration process itself does not define any
order of the elements, e.g. in terms of the comparison operators. The
only guaranteed function is that during the iteration from begin() to
end() all elements in the TokenMap are accessed.
Operator * applied to the iterator returns a pair. Member first of the
pair is the key and member second is the value of the element the iterator
points to.
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for a discussion of the definition and use of iterators in combination
with containers.

Marc-oliver Gewaltig

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