helpdesk - Display on-line help in external browser
"helpdesk" opens a browser window with the SLI Online help. The
browser executable to use must be specified by the user as a command
option. (See "SetOptions" on how to do this.)

/command - UNIX command to use as browser (default: false)

/command is initially set to false. "helpdesk" will issue a
message that the user needs to specify the browser.
Ths user will usually set /command to his preferred browser in his
.nestrc file.
Example: /helpdesk << /command (firefox) >> SetOptions

If /command is set to the name of a UNIX program, "helpdesk" will
execute this program as a child process, and use it to display the

/wait - whether to wait for the UNIX program to finish. (default: false)

If /wait is set to true, the "helpdesk" command will not return until
the UNIX process is terminated. Use this setting for all browsers that
use the terminal exclusively.

If /wait is set to false, "helpdesk" will return immediately after
creating the child process. Use this setting for all browsers that
open up their own window.

The value of /wait is ignored if /command is set to false.

Gewaltig, Eppler, Kupper  

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