hh_cond_exp_traub - Hodgkin-Huxley model for Brette et al (2007) review

hh_cond_exp_traub is an implementation of a modified Hodgkin-Huxley model

This model was specifically developed for a major review of simulators [1],
based on a model of hippocampal pyramidal cells by Traub and Miles[2].
The key differences between the current model and the model in [2] are:

- This model is a point neuron, not a compartmental model.
- This model includes only I_Na and I_K, with simpler I_K dynamics than
in [2], so it has only three instead of eight gating variables;
in particular, all Ca dynamics have been removed.
- Incoming spikes induce an instantaneous conductance change followed by
exponential decay instead of activation over time.

This model is primarily provided as reference implementation for hh_coba
example of the Brette et al (2007) review. Default parameter values are chosen
to match those used with NEST 1.9.10 when preparing data for [1]. Code for all
simulators covered is available from ModelDB [3].

In this model, a spike is emitted if

V_m >= V_T + 30 mV and V_m has fallen during the current time step

To avoid that this leads to multiple spikes during the falling flank of a
spike, it is essential to chose a sufficiently long refractory period.
Traub and Miles used t_ref = 3 ms [2, p 118], while we used t_ref = 2 ms
in [2].


The following parameters can be set in the status dictionary.

V_m double - Membrane potential in mV
V_T double - Voltage offset that controls dynamics. For default
parameters, V_T = -63mV results in a threshold around
E_L double - Leak reversal potential in mV.
C_m double - Capacity of the membrane in pF.
g_L double - Leak conductance in nS.
tau_syn_ex double - Time constant of the excitatory synaptic exponential
function in ms.
tau_syn_in double - Time constant of the inhibitory synaptic exponential
function in ms.
t_ref double - Duration of refractory period in ms (see Note).
E_ex double - Excitatory synaptic reversal potential in mV.
E_in double - Inhibitory synaptic reversal potential in mV.
E_Na double - Sodium reversal potential in mV.
g_Na double - Sodium peak conductance in nS.
E_K double - Potassium reversal potential in mV.
g_K double - Potassium peak conductance in nS.
I_e double - External input current in pA.

SpikeEvent, CurrentEvent, DataLoggingRequest  



[1] Brette R et al (2007) Simulation of networks of spiking neurons: A review
of tools and strategies. J Comp Neurosci 23:349-98.
doi 10.1007/s10827-007-0038-6
[2] Traub RD and Miles R (1991) Neuronal Networks of the Hippocampus.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK.
[3] http://modeldb.yale.edu/83319


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