hh_psc_alpha - Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model.

hh_psc_alpha is an implementation of a spiking neuron using the Hodgkin-Huxley

(1) Post-synaptic currents
Incoming spike events induce a post-synaptic change of current modelled
by an alpha function. The alpha function is normalised such that an event of
weight 1.0 results in a peak current of 1 pA.

(2) Spike Detection
Spike detection is done by a combined threshold-and-local-maximum search: if
there is a local maximum above a certain threshold of the membrane potential,
it is considered a spike.


The following parameters can be set in the status dictionary.

V_m double - Membrane potential in mV
E_L double - Resting membrane potential in mV.
g_L double - Leak conductance in nS.
C_m double - Capacity of the membrane in pF.
tau_ex double - Rise time of the excitatory synaptic alpha function in ms.
tau_in double - Rise time of the inhibitory synaptic alpha function in ms.
E_Na double - Sodium reversal potential in mV.
g_Na double - Sodium peak conductance in nS.
E_K double - Potassium reversal potential in mV.
g_K double - Potassium peak conductance in nS.
Act_m double - Activation variable m
Act_h double - Activation variable h
Inact_n double - Inactivation variable n
I_e double - Constant external input current in pA.


better spike detection
initial wavelet/spike at simulation onset

SpikeEvent, CurrentEvent, DataLoggingRequest  

Authors: Schrader


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