ht_neuron - Neuron model after Hill & Tononi (2005).
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This model neuron implements a slightly modified version of the
neuron model described in [1]. The most important properties are:

- Integrate-and-fire with threshold adaptive threshold.
- Repolarizing potassium current instead of hard reset.
- AMPA, NMDA, GABA_A, and GABA_B conductance-based synapses with
beta-function (difference of exponentials) time course.
- Voltage-dependent NMDA with instantaneous or two-stage unblocking [1, 2].
- Intrinsic currents I_h, I_T, I_Na(p), and I_KNa.
- Synaptic "minis" are not implemented.

Documentation and
V_m - membrane potential
tau_m - membrane time constant applying to all currents except
repolarizing K-current (see [1], p 1677)
t_ref - refractory time and duration of post-spike repolarizing
potassium current (t_spike in [1])
tau_spike - membrane time constant for post-spike repolarizing
potassium current
voltage_clamp - if true, clamp voltage to value at beginning of simulation
(default: false, mainly for testing)
theta, theta_eq, tau_theta - threshold, equilibrium value, time constant
g_KL, E_K, g_NaL, E_Na - conductances and reversal potentials for K and
Na leak currents
- reversal potentials, peak conductances and
time constants for synapses (tau_rise/
tau_decay correspond to tau_1/tau_2 in the
V_act_NMDA, S_act_NMDA, tau_Mg_{fast, slow}_NMDA
- parameters for voltage dependence of NMDA-
conductance, see above
instant_unblock_NMDA - instantaneous NMDA unblocking (default: false)
{E_rev,g_peak}_{h,T,NaP,KNa} - reversal potential and peak conductance for
intrinsic currents
tau_D_KNa - relaxation time constant for I_KNa
receptor_types - dictionary mapping synapse names to ports on
neuron model
recordables - list of recordable quantities
equilibrate - if given and true, time-dependent activation
and inactivation state variables (h, m) of
intrinsic currents and NMDA channels are set
to their equilibrium values during this
SetStatus call; otherwise they retain their
present values.

Note: Conductances are unitless in this model and currents are in mV.

SpikeEvent, CurrentEvent, DataLoggingRequest  

[1] S Hill and G Tononi (2005). J Neurophysiol 93:1671-1698.
[2] M Vargas-Caballero HPC Robinson (2003). J Neurophysiol 89:2778-2783.

Hans Ekkehard Plesser  

October 2009; full revision November 2016  

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