music_cont_out_proxy - A device which sends continuous data from NEST to  
A music_cont_out_proxy can be used to send continuous data from  
neurons over MUSIC to remote applications. It works in a similar fashion like
the multimeter model. The user has to specify the recordable values to observe
(e.g. ["V_m"]) via the record_from parameter. The target neurons are specified
by a list of global neuron ids which must be passed via the "targets"
parameter. The music_cont_out_proxy will be connected automatically to the
specified target neurons. It is not possible to apply further changes to the
list of target neurons or observed quantities once the simulation has been
started for the first time.

In case of multiple recordables the data can be read out (PyNEST only) of the
receiving buffer via the following access pattern:

buffer[ target_gid_index ][ recordable_index] = buffer[ target_gid_index *
record_from.size() + recordable_index ]
For example: target_gids = [ 2, 5, 4 ], record_from = ["V_m"] and
we want to get "V_m" for neuron with GID 5: buffer[ 1*1 + 0 ]

The following properties are available in the status dictionary:

interval double - Recording interval in milliseconds
targets array - Global id list of neurons to be observed
port_name string - The name of the MUSIC output port to send to
(default: cont_out)
port_width integer - The width of the MUSIC input port
published bool - A bool indicating if the port has been already
published with MUSIC. Read only property.
record_from array - Array containing the names of variables to record
from, obtained from the /recordables entry of the
model from which one wants to record

Only when compiled with MPI and MUSIC  

Martin Asghar Schulze, Forschungszentrum fur Informatik Karlsruhe (FZI)  
March 2016  
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