sinusoidal_poisson_generator - Generates sinusoidally modulated Poisson  
spike trains.
sinusoidal_poisson_generator generates sinusoidally modulated Poisson spike
trains. By default, each target of the generator will receive a different
spike train.

The instantaneous rate of the process is given by

f(t) = max(0, rate + amplitude sin ( 2 pi frequency t + phase * pi/180 ))
>= 0

The following parameters can be set in the status dictionary:

rate double - Mean firing rate in spikes/second, default: 0 s^-1
amplitude double - Firing rate modulation amplitude in spikes/second,
default: 0 s^-1
frequency double - Modulation frequency in Hz, default: 0 Hz
phase double - Modulation phase in degree [0-360], default: 0

individual_spike_trains bool - See note below, default: true



- If amplitude > rate, firing rate is cut off at zero. In this case, the mean
firing rate will be less than rate.
- The state of the generator is reset on calibration.
- The generator does not support precise spike timing.
- You can use the multimeter to sample the rate of the generator.
- The generator will create different trains if run at different
temporal resolutions.

- Individual spike trains vs single spike train:
By default, the generator sends a different spike train to each of its
targets. If /individual_spike_trains is set to false using either
SetDefaults or CopyModel before a generator node is created, the generator
will send the same spike train to all of its targets.

Hans Ekkehard Plesser  
July 2006, Oct 2009, May 2013  
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