unit_conversion - Conversion factors for SI units.
The following call always simulates 1000 ms of network time,

1000 ms Simulate

Some SLI functions and tools expect numerical arguments which carry SI units.
function/tool expected unit
Simulate ms
current generators pA
voltmeters mV
ac_generator Hz

As SLI does not know any unit conversion scheme, numerical values
need to be specified in the appropriate units. However, it improves
readability, if a hint to the unit is specified in the program code,
such as "333 pA", instead of just "333".
Furthermore, it may be convenient to have other units converted to the
ones expected by the routines. (For example, "ms" converts from milliseconds
to timesteps, taking into account the current network resolution, see
example below.)

The following conversion factors are known (developers: please add others in
nest-init.sli as required):
ms, pA, mV, Hz, spikes

This is just a description. unit_conversion is no SLI command.  
(unknown), documented by Ruediger Kupper, 18-jul-2003  

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