GetNetwork - Return a nested list with the IDs of nodes in a multi-dimensional subnet.  
Synpsis: ID n GetNetwork -> [ ]

GetNetwork takes the id of a subnet and an integer parameter
n. GetNetwork then recursively calls GetChildren down to level n.
The result is a nested list whicht contains the ids of all nodes.
The first element of each list is the id of the subnet itself.

SLI ] /iaf_psc_alpha Create ;
SLI ] /iaf_psc_alpha [2 2] LayoutNetwork ;
SLI ] /iaf_psc_alpha Create ;
SLI ] 0 3 GetNetwork ==
[0 1 [2 [3 4 5] [6 7 8]] 9]

In parallel simulations, this function collects data across all processes
and can thus take a lot of time and consume huge amounts of memory.

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