GetStatus_dict - Return status of a dictionary used as an object in oo-programming  
Synopsis:dict GetStatus -> dict
Parameters:The argument is a dictionary used as an object in oo-programming
<< /c 1 >> dup cvo GetStatus eq --> false
{ << /c 1 >> GetStatus } stopped
{2 npop true} {pop false} ifelse --> true

The operator overloads GetStatus and returns a new dictionary with  
the key value pairs of the argument. The functionality is similar to the one
of operator clonedict but the return value does not inherit the labeling as an
object. In this way the relationship between the output dictionary and the input
dictionary is the same as for non dictionary arguments of GetStatus. However,
GetStatus raises an error if the argument dictionary has not been labeled by
operator cvo as an object of oo-programming before. The idea is that use of
GetStatus should be reserved for objects of oo-programming not regular dictionaries
to enhance the readability of SLI code. See the documentation of operator cvo for
more details.
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