elementstates - dictionary with symbolic element state tag
elementstates info  

Each element has a state which can be accessed via it's status dictionary.
The state is defined as a superposition of the following values:
/valid 1
/busy 2
/updated 4
/suspended 8
/frozen 16
/buffers_initialized 32
/err 64
valid - the default state of an element.
busy - indicates that this element needs more than one cycle to
update and is not yet fully updated.
updated - indicates, that the element was updated in the current cycle.
once the update cycle is completed, all updated flags are
changed to valid.
This flag shoulds only be set if the update cycle was
interrupted or suspended.
suspended - indicates, that the update of this element was suspended. The
next call to simulate will continue with this element.
frozen - if this state is set, the update cycle skips this element. In
effect, the element keeps its state intact as if it was "frozen".
This is the only state which can directly be set by the user.
buffers_initialized - the buffers of the node have been initialized
err - some unspecified error condition has occured.