pageoutput - Display the output of a procedure through "page".
{procedure} pageoutput -> result_of_procedure  

{(This is my output.) =} pageoutput
{MemoryInfo} pageoutput
{whos} pageoutput
{mydir info} pageoutput

"pageoutput" executes the procedure that is passed as an argument. It
captures any printed output that the procedure generates and
displays it via the "page" command (see documentation of "page").

"pageoutput" redirects SLI's standard output at the level of the
file descriptor. This is a very low-level operation, and captures
*all* output that the SLI process sends to stdout. This includes any
output from SLI commands, from the simulation kernel, and all error
messages that go to stdout.

If the procedure raises an error, the error message is included in
the paged output, and the file descriptors are restored, so that
subsequent output goes to the SLI prompt again.

"pageoutput" creates a temporary file that is passed to the "page"
command. The pager may be executed in a subprocess of SLI. Since we
do not know how long it takes the pager process to open the file, we
cannot delete it right after calling "page". Hence, the temporary
file remains forever. Currently it is unclear how the temporary file
can be removed at a later time. This bug is filed as ticket #262.

Any error messages that the procedure raises go to the paged output.
In case of errors, the file descriptors are correctly restored.

R Kupper  


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