statusdict - dictionary with platform dependent status  
The status dictionary contains various platform dependend status
information. Among others, it contains the following useful things:

argv arraytype full list of commandline arguments given to NEST
userargs arraytype user supplied arguments, usable by scripts
interactive booltype does this NEST session read its commands from an interactive prompt?
files arraytype list of files to execute, as specified on the commandline
prgdatadir stringtype path to the installation directory
prgdocdir stringtype path to the documentation directory

have_mpi booltype this flag is always defined and indicates whether an
MPI library is available to the NEST system or not.
The flag does not indicate whether the interpreter
actually has MPI support.
is_mpi booltype this flag may not be defined if the interpreter does not
have MPI support. If the value of the flag is true, the
interpreter has support for parallel computing.

View the whole contents of the status dictionary with 'statusdict info'.
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