testsuite::issue-832 - The test ensures that the marker primary_end  
is still valid if particular connections are deleted
(issue-832) run -> compares response to current step with reference data  

The test is a modified version of test_hh_psc_alpha_gap.sli that also creates
and deletes additional primary connections.
Two neurons of whom one receives an constant input current of 200 pA are connected
by gap_junction with an (unrealistic) high gap weight. The accurate functionality
of the gap_junction feature is tested by measuring the membrane potential of the
neuron without input current.

The expected output is documented at the end of
the script. The textual output of the voltmeter documented in this file
can be regenerated by setting adding /to_screen true to the SetStatus
call of vm below.

Author: October 2017, Hahne
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