testsuite::test_amat2_psc_exp - sli script for overall test of amat2_psc_exp neuron model
(test_amat2_psc_exp) run -> compares response to current step with reference data  

test_amat2_psc_exp.sli is an overall test of the mat2_neuron model connected
to some useful devices.

A DC current is injected into the neuron using a current generator
device. The membrane potential the threshold potential as well as the
spiking activity are recorded by corresponding devices.

It can be observed how the current charges the membrane a spike
is emitted the threshold potential is updated and evaluated whereas
the membrane potential is not resetted and further evaluated too.
Additionally the neuron becomes refractory after emitting a spike.

The timing of the various events on the simulation grid is of
particular interest and crucial for the consistency of the
simulation scheme.

Although 0.1 cannot be represented in the IEEE double data type it
is safe to simulate with a resolution (computation step size) of 0.1
ms because by default nest is built with a timebase enabling exact
representation of 0.1 ms.

The expected output is documented and briefly commented at the end of
the script. The textual output of the multimeter documented in this file
can be regenerated by setting adding /to_screen true to the SetStatus
call of mm below.

Other test programs discuss the various aspects of this script in detail
see the SeeAlso key below.

Author: November 2014 Hans E Plesser based on test_mat2_psc_exp
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