testsuite::test_iaf_dc_aligned_delay - sli script for test of iaf_psc_alpha resolution independence
(test_iaf_dc_aligned_delay) run -> compare response with reference data  


test_iaf_dc_aligned_delay.sli is a modified version of
test_iaf_dc_aligned. The output generated by the former is exactly
identical to the output of the latter. However, the dependence of the
simulation script on the computation step size is fully removed by
replacing the default value of the delay between DC generator and
neuron by a value specified in ms and larger than the largest
computation step size to be used in the simulation. Note that the
specification of the delay is now independent of the computation step

In addition, variables are introduced to clarify the meaning of
of various time measures and a few relationships are tested.

The expected output is documented and briefly commented at the end of
the script.

The intention of this script is that the current starts to affect the
neuron (is present from) at time t=3ms (dc_visible). With a delay of
1ms (dc_delay), the time stamp of the emitted current event (dc_on)
needs to be dc_visible - dc_delay. Thus, according to the definitions
of the timing scheme, the emission time of the DC generator (start)
needs to be dc_visible - dc_delay.


In earlier versions, the file


contained a further improved version of this script. Here, /start
specified the activation time t of the device not the time stamp t+h
of the first event that can be emitted. An additional property /on
was required to make the SLI code independent of the resolution. The
device carried out the transformation start = on - h (see also
test_iaf_dc_aligned.sli). Now the code in
test_iaf_dc_aligned_automatic.sli is identical to the code in this

Author: February 2004, Diesmann, Gewaltig, Plesser
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