testsuite::test_iaf_dc_aligned_stop - sli script for test of iaf_psc_alpha resolution independence
(test_iaf_dc_aligned_stop) run -> compare response with reference data  


test_iaf_dc_aligned_stop.sli is an extended version of
test_iaf_dc_aligned_delay.sli . In addition to the time when the
current is switched on (/start) (test_iaf_dc_aligned_delay.sli) also
a finite duration of the current is specified. This is done by
supplying the DC generator device with the time stamp of the
earliest DC event that should not be emitted. Consequently, stop =
start + duration.

In the step stop - h -> stop, no DC event is emitted anymore. A neuron
connected to the DC generator interprets this as a DC current that is
switched off precisely at time stop. Therefore, the DC current specified
by start and stop is independent of the resolution h. The minimal duration
is h.

See [1] for details on why the DC generator specification is
consistent with a grid based integration scheme of systems of
differential equations. In this scheme DC currents are represeted
by the differential equation d/dt I = 0.

The resulting SLI code is independent of the resolution and
generates exactly the same voltage trace at all resolutions.

No output of the spike detector is visible here because of the short
stimulation period of 2 ms.

The expected output is documented at the end of the script.

[1] Rotter S & Diesmann M (1999) Exact simulation of time-invariant linear
systems with applications to neuronal modeling. Biologial Cybernetics

Author: July 2004, Diesmann
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