testsuite::test_iaf_ps_psp_poisson_accuracy - probes interaction of precise poisson generator and neuron model
(test_iaf_ps_psp_poisson_accuracy) run -> compare with analytical result  

The test probes the interaction of a spike generator implementing a
poisson process in continuous time with a neuron model capable of
handling off-grid spike times. The result is verified by comparing the
superposition of post-synaptic potentials in the neuron model to the
the corresonding analytical solution. To achieve this, spike
generation of the neuron mode is prevented by setting the spike
threshold to a very high value. The test employs the parrot neuron for
precise spike times to provide the neuron model and the spike detector
with an identical sequence of spike times. The independence of the
result from the computations step size is ensured by comparing the
results for a range of temporal resolutions. Due to this setup the
test requires that several critical timing relations between network
nodes of different types operate correctly. If the test fails go back
to simpler tests verifying individual node types.

Author: May 2005, February 2008, March 2009; Diesmann
[1] Morrison A, Straube S, Plesser H E, & Diesmann M (2007) Exact Subthreshold
Integration with Continuous Spike Times in Discrete Time Neural Network
Simulations. Neural Computation 19:47--79
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