testsuite::test_iaf_ring - sli script for test of iaf_psc_alpha spike interaction  
across multiple machines.
nest_indirect test_iaf_ring  --> success  


test_iaf_ring checks if spikes can travel along a chain of neurons
and whether the result is independent of the number of machines
involved in the computation.

The unittest function distributed_assert_or_die can only handle the
output of a single machine. Therefore the script collects the spikes
of all neurons using a parrot neuron. The script does not check the
id of the sender, only the spike timing. A more strict test could be
carried out with a unittest function which merges the output of all

The correct sequence of spikes including their ids is documented at
the end of this file. Note that due to the use of an intermediate
parrot neuron the reported spike times have an offset of 1ms (10
steps) with respect to the documented values. The offset corresponds
to the default delay of 1ms.

Joche Martin Eppler, Markus Diesmann, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig  
January 2006  
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