testsuite::test_lambertw - check if lambertw function works
(test_lambertw) run -> some known relations  

The script tests whether the Lambert W-function [1] provided by the
GNU Scientific Library (GSL) [2] fulfills some known relations [3].
In the absence of the GSL NEST uses a simple iterative scheme to
compute the Lambert-W function. In this case we apply less strict
criteria for the required accuracy.
The relationships tested are:
(1) the principal branch crosses the origin
(2) at -1/e both branches meet athe value W=-1
(3) the principal branch fulfills the "golden ratio" of exponentials
(4) the non-principal branch yields the same result as we find by
bisectioning for the problem given as an example in the documentation
of LambertWm1 with realistic parameters.

[1] Corless, R. M., Gonnet, G. H., Hare, D. E. G., Jeffrey, D. J., & Knuth, D. E.
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[2] Galassi, M., Davies, J., Theiler, J., Gough, B., Jungman, G., Booth, M.,
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Network Theory Limited.
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Author: July 2009, Diesmann
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