testsuite::test_set_tics - test whether tics can be configured at run time
(test_set_tics) run -> comparison with reference data  

The base of the integer clock tics of NEST and the number of those tics
per computation time step are specified at configuration time with
options like
--with-tics-per-ms='std::ldexp(1.0,14)' --with-tics-per-step='1024'
. However, these values can also be changed at run time. This is of advantage
if the correctness of a script or the validity of a result need to be checked
by running the same simulation at different computation step sizes. While it
is more comfortable in demonstrations and for beginners to operate with tics
to the base of 10, in production it is often better to use base 2 because of
the increased density of data points and exact representation in the double
data type. Therefore, these parameters can also be specified at run time
in the root object prior to the creation of any network element. Here, it is
often more convenient to specify the resolution (the computation time step) in
units of milliseconds instead of the number of tics per step.

This script tests whether the NEST kernel accepts a modification of the
parameters and whether the corresponding conversions are correct.

January 2008  
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