unittest::distributed_collect_assert_or_die - Checks whether result is independent of number of number of jobs
array proc proc distributed_collect assert_or_die ->	-  
array proc distributed_collect assert_or_die -> -


The array specifies a list of numbers of
jobs. distributed_collect_assert_or_die executes the procedure specified as
the second argument in parallel for all of the numbers of jobs given
in the arrays. This means that distributed_collect_assert_or_die carries out
as many distributed simulations as there are entries in the array.

In each of the simulations all jobs are expected to return a value on
the stack. The order in which the jobs are completed is of no
importance. After completion of all simulations
distributed_collect_assert_or_die compares the sets of results of all
the simulations using the comparison function supplied by the second
procedure. If the second procedure is not given it requires that all
jobs of all runs return true.

A variant of this function distributed_collect_assert_or_die
requires that the contents of all sets of results is identical. The
order of the results in each set is irrelevant.

distributed_collect_assert_or_die assumes that it is called from a
file and that this file contains only a single call of
distributed_collect_assert_or_die because all distributed instances of
the simulator will rerun this file. In addition the function assumes
that the test file is run with a version of nest capable of spawning
further instances of nest. This can be assured by using nest_indirect
instead of the nest binary directly. The test file should not make the
call of distributed_collect_assert_or_die or the termination of the
test file depending on the status flags is_mpi or have_mpi. This would
interfere with the proper control flow and the status flags have
already been checked by nest_indirect at this point.



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