I am new to pynest and am using it to implement a liquid state machine. It works marvelously for generating the network. My workflow is as follows:
- Initialise kernel
- Get stimulation episodes
- Create neurons (including spike generators)
- Connect neurons
- nest.Simulate()
- nest.GetStatus(recording_neurons) for readout at relevant timepoints

I would like to save the network so I can run nest.Simulate() on other episodes in a real-time application, is there a straight-forward way to do so?

I have tried pickling

conn = nest.GetConnections()

but to my knowledge that does not include a lot of details about the connection, like the weight. It also does not return where there is no connections, which means simply using


prior to nest.Simulate() will not work to reproduce the previously generated network even if I initialise with all the same variables. I have found the functions GetNetwork() and GetNodes() but I'm not sure how I can use them, or if they are even useful for what I need.

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