Hi Xavier,


I have now created an issue for this on Github: https://github.com/nest/nest-simulator/issues/3099


But there is another problem with your approach: Even if the code worked with MPI, you would only collect the weights of the connections local to each MPI rank on that rank (i.e., connections with targets on that rank). If normalization per target neuron is what you want, this is fine, if you wanted to normalize all outgoing synapses of a neuron, this would be pretty much impossible when using MPI.



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From: Xavier Otazu <xotazu@cvc.uab.cat>
Date: Wednesday, 7 February 2024 at 16:36
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Subject: [NEST Users] Re: Weights assignment error with mpirun

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I used 2 and 64 number of processes.

An update ... the problem disappears when using "nest.SetStatus(conn,'weight',w_nparray)" instead of the direct assignment "conn.weight=w_nparray". In addition, it also hangs when using "conn.set()"

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