Dear NEST Users & Developers!

Additionally to the Open NEST Developers VC on Monday, we would like to announce a user contributed presentation of

A declarative front-end for network and simulation specifications

by Tom Bugnon (Paris) and Will Mayner (Wisconsin).

on Monday 27 April, 16.00-17.00 CEST (UTC+2) / 9.00am CDT (UTC-5).

This frontend to NEST allows to define the structure of more-or-less arbitrary simulations in a set of parameter files. Those let the user define network parameters (layers, neuron/synapse models, connections and nest.Topo "connection models", "input" layers etc.) and simulation parameters (set-up recorders, set-up "sessions", or units of simulations, for which the user can define specific inputs, changes in the state of some units, etc).
This approach makes it easier to version-control the network and simulation specifications, share parameter files, perform parameter exploration, or run the same network in different conditions.

We will meet in the same VC room, but due to the timezone difference of the presenters this had to be detached from the meeting in the morning. Connection details are given below.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Dennis Terhorst

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