Dear Tammo,

I would be interested in the C++ interface, too. I talked to Xavier and he gave up on this project. For external people it is very hard to understand what has to be done. Could you provide some minimal example, like a small scale network (e.g. spike source population connected to another population)? I think this would help enormously.


On 20/08/2019 23:41, Tammo Ippen wrote:
Hello Xavier,

Please have a look at / .cpp . This is intended to provide a C/C++ API for nest. It is not complete, as far as i remember, and might be issue to backward incompatible changes. As an example, you can look at and see nest specific interactions are either implemented using functions from nest.h or from the individual managers via the accessable via nest.h). The other code deals with setting up the SLI engine and making modules available in the engine. 

On installation please have a look at <prefix>/lib/ and <prefix>/includes/ for necessary libs and headers. I think there was also something like `nest-config` script in <prefix>/bin that can help with getting the correct flags.

I hope this is a headstart for you to try the API. I am very interested your experiences with it.

Best, Tammo

Am 20.08.2019 um 21:21 schrieb Xavier Otazu <>:


I would like to make a suggestion for future development. Now there is
a Python interface, but some of us have been working with C/C++ for
many years (and we have a lot of data processing software developed in
this language).

Please, could you include a C/C++ interface for NEST?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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