Thanks for pointing this out! Please note that the calculations are correct and the causality guaranteed. We agree that the wording is somewhat misleading in the documentation and are working on improving it.

At a single synapse, the spikes arrive in their natural order. Only when viewed across synapses, the spike may arrive earlier at one synapse than at another, although the first one has a greater delay.

Hope this helps; please let us know if otherwise!

Best regards,

On 21.10.20 10:23, 1240288839@qq.com wrote:
Dear all! I want to know how to use stdp_synapse correctly but I noticed there is a sentence 'Another important point is that spikes do NOT pass the Connection object in correct order of biological arrival time—they are unordered in time' about the overview of stdp_synapse; it's the last part of spike handling at website https://nest.github.io/nest-simulator/synapses_overview. So if these spike time are unordered, whether the stdp_synapse function would mimic properly.
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