Hi Xavier,


I think I can reproduce your problem and have an idea what it may cause it. How many MPI processes did you use?



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From: Xavier Otazu <xotazu@cvc.uab.cat>
Date: Wednesday, 7 February 2024 at 15:41
To: users@nest-simulator.org <users@nest-simulator.org>
Subject: [NEST Users] Weights assignment error with mpirun

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I am trying to implement weight normalization (as you show in your documentation). It works well (see below code) when executed "normally" (or when using" mpirun -np 1"), but it hangs (it just do not respond) when executed using mpirun. It hangs when I try to execute nest.Simulate() after weigth assignment. If I remove the "conn.weight = w_nparray" instruction in the following code, it works without hang.

I use NEST 3.6 and python3, compiled with python, mpi, sionlib and music.

Thanks a lot in advance!

import nest
import numpy as np

pos = nest.spatial.grid(shape = [30,30] )
input = nest.Create('iaf_psc_alpha', positions=pos)

layer_0 = nest.Create('iaf_psc_alpha', positions=pos)
layer_1 = nest.Create('iaf_psc_alpha', positions=pos)

conn_neur = {'rule':'pairwise_bernoulli', 'use_on_source': True, 'mask': {'grid':{'shape':[9,9]}} }

nest.CopyModel('static_synapse', 'syn_1_model')
syn_0 = {'synapse_model': 'static_synapse'}
syn_1 = {'synapse_model': 'syn_1_model'}

nest.Connect(input, layer_0, conn_neur, syn_0)
nest.Connect(input, layer_1, conn_neur, syn_0)

nest.DumpLayerConnections(input, layer_0, 'static_synapse', 'conn.txt')
nest.DumpLayerConnections(input, layer_1, 'syn_1_model', 'conn.txt')


for neuron in layer_0:
        conn = nest.GetConnections(source=input, target=neuron, synapse_model='static_synapse')
        w = np.array(conn.weight)
        if (w.size>1):
                w_normed = w / sum(abs(w))  # L1-norm
                w_nparray = 2. * w_normed
                conn.weight = w_nparray

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