Getting support

The NEST User Mailing list is intended to be a forum for questions on the usage of NEST, the exchange of code and general discussions about NEST. The philosophy is that all users profit by sharing their experience. All NEST core developers are subscribed to this list and will participate in the discussions as far as time allows.



Open NEST developers video conference


NEST draws its strength from the many people that use and improve it. We are happy to consider your contributions (e.g. own models, bug or documentation fixes) for addition to the official version of NEST.

Please see the NEST developer space for information about the development workflow of NEST and for how to create a fork of our Git repository and pull requests against it.

Reporting bugs

The primary place to go to if you find an error is the GitHub issue tracker for NEST. Please take the time to check if your issue has already been reported there before creating a new one.

To make it easier for the developers to understand and solve the problem, please include the following information in your bug report, if applicable:

  1. Release version or Git revision of NEST.

  2. Platform and operating system version.

  3. The file config.log from the build directory and the output of the configure script.

  4. The contents of the reports directory in the build directory.

  5. A detailed transcript of how you got the error.

  6. A minimal script to reproduce the error.